Sunday, January 27, 2008

Incognito...confused identity!

Have there been instances in life when you feel like sinking your head in the sand like a dodo?Where you forget that hiding six inches of your upper body will not help? Is it when you need somebody to pull you out of your woe or reintroduce yourself to YOU? No, no dear folks am not trying to ask rhetorical questions to fill up the blog or to make my blog ornate...its just a spontaneous flow of thoughts and of course an inspired piece that am about to begin. Here it goes -
Myth has it that the powerhouse of Indian mythology, the only Indian superhero, Lord Hanuman, would keep forgetting his potential. Somebody would have to remind him of his prowess in order to see him in action. Well you might be wondering - Why this now? Well, well this person who writes this blog dares to compare herself to the Almighty when it comes to suffering from amnesia! My mind goes through a complete pandemonium when I think of what am capable of doing...maybe am a Jack...oh sorry!! Jill of all trade and mistress of none!!

Then there are forces which urge you on...inspire you...sunshine in your life...which rejuvenate and help see things clearly. So here I sit, click, clacking the keys of the computer, trying to assemble my scattered thoughts, trying to oil my rickety gray matter and of course to put my inspiration into black and white. This one's for you LIFE!