Sunday, July 12, 2009


Here I am again after a long hiatus...want to know how I've been? I have been on Cloud Nine all these days, dreaming a new dream each day, taking in the fragrance of the early morning dew, missing a heart beat each time the first droplets of rain hit the earth, not missing the intricate details of life. I thanked each morning for the lovely day ahead, the lovely people I would be with and above all I would cherish each beat of my heart which would heave up and down and each time it would call out the same name...the name of my beloved. Oh! wasn't it a wonderful feeling! A pretty picture of fantasy and escapism was it not?

Well before I move ahead let me allow you a little peek into my world. My world has been beautiful, life has been full of love and of friends who love, I have been happy and oh so carefree because all I learnt out of life is to love and to give. And indeed so I loved and lived...making each day worth living. I trusted, I did with my whole heart...I put on blinkers! I imagined I was reciprocated that's why no amount of hurt ever made me digress from what I so firmly believed. But my world didn't think has tested me over and over again and each time I emerged victorious because I believed in 'us'. But if I somewhere say "every cloud has a silver lining" I would also say, "every silver lining has a dark cloud". My world, my sunshine did not trust me enough! And all I wanted to do was save some hurt!
"Words, words what are mere words to do to save all hurt, save all unjust ways??" Oh! how drastically have I failed, fallen flat, gone squish squash! I am never going to welcome the sunshine now, never shall I praise a day, never shall I trust so much and never shall I ever love again!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Life truly is a masquerade
A masquerade of funny masks
Of scary masks and sad masks
And funny eh?

Man wears a mask
To conceal a volcano within
The lava of boiling emotions
Plugged merely by a paper face
Truly funny eh?

Happy mask while hurt
Is gleefully at the heart gnawing
Sad mask to respect the dead
While the mind anxiously
Thinks of the red dress on display
Scary masks to scare wits
While inside you alone
Are threatened to bits!

Life truly is a masquerade
Each running to clutch a mask
To find shelter behind
Nothing but mere paper
Really funny eh?