Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Even the darkest of clouds has a silver lining

There are times in life where you feel claustrophobic with the routine, the corrupt system...your conscience says - Stop! This is it! You feel lost, deafened by the hullabaloo of life...deprived of one of your important senses. Life appears to be a pandemonium...a large cauldron where the concoction of your very existence is being cooked up. The heat hits perspire in the asphyxiate. There seems no escape from this burning inferno.
BUT in the distance you spot a glint...a ray of hope which urges you further when you are just about to surrender! And lo and behold you realize that the dark cloud that was rising from the cauldron also has an ornamental silver lace...a silver lining...which says - Move on...there is dawn after a long dark night. And you stumble, stagger and rise again like a phoenix and prepare for the majestic flight...and you soar again and awe the world with your flight!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

And the sand of time slipped out of her hands...

A young mind, a young heart - scared, apprehensive of the new world she was entering. It was 2nd October 2003 - the day which would change her life forever. Her mind was blank - torn between two worlds that of her heart and mind. Heart would say - Stay it is still not time and the mind would say - The time is here. In this tug - of - war the mind stopped imagining, thinking and she became a mere puppet in the hands of time. She was mastered like a puppet at the hands of time - the puppeteer. She would be with the choice of her life yet there was something which said - No this is not what you wanted.

The clock ticked on and she entered her new world. She obliged to the puppeteer and like a zombie danced to the tune of time. Seconds, minutes, hours, days and then years...the sand of time slipped out of her hands...and she like a dry autumn leaf was flown from one nook to another corner... and the sand of time slipped out of her hands...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



I was grappling with nothingness
I was struggling to find a face
I was searching for an identity
But everytime i failed

I was leading a life surreal
Yet was living with a void
There was revelry
There was sunshine
Yet I was living a life recluse.

Then a gentle zephyr brushed past me
I then felt one with eternity
Days grew brighter, the hues deeper
It was a new life that grew in me
And then I finally found ME.

... In you my friend, my inspiration!