Monday, February 18, 2008

For Thulo Ama...a prologue

Life is a precious gift. You mould it, you mend it, you bend it the way you desire and the way it has been written for you by the unknown force. During your lifetime, you venture out into several journeys - that of soul searching, in search of luxury, in search of peace and in more pragmatic terms, in search of a better livelihood, a better society. This prologue is yet another journey...a journey into the life of an ordinary woman but with extraordinary endurance, determination and grit. This is the journey made by my Thulo Ama, my maternal grandmother, an epitome of discipline, love, affection and above all courage. This may seem a very ordinary story, instances which may have been a part of anybody's life but this is what I intend to share, an ordinary, everyday story. There are others who write about torment, war, romance, discrimination, life extraordinaire BUT I beg to differ and bring to you a common story but through my eyes, my perception. So welcome to this sojourn.