Thursday, September 2, 2010


With a grain and drop you stand
Your head suddenly wrapped in a pall
Hurt gnaws at your heart
Tiny droplets nestle in your eyes
And just when it starts to descend...
You hear your name being called
Light filters into your eyes
And you realize...
Still beside your beloved you lie!


The sun has long retired
The night's curtains drawn
Moon's taken refuge
In the tufts of cloud
The lonely rain falling
To remind of life that goes on...
The folds of your bed await
Your pillow a distant land promises
So clamber up to your bed my friend
And see if...
In the promised land am there?

Friday, July 30, 2010


I feel a little flutter in my heart
As your words
Jive before my eyes.
I wonder!
Can I still be the amber
Of somebody's eyes?
I rush to the mirror and see
A stranger looking back at me...
Lips pursed in a smile
A glimmer in the eyes
And a rosy hue
Face glowing as if in Sunshine new
And I wonder....
Is this still I?


Here again am seated alone by the window
Thinking what to compose?
I lean outside and feel
The breeze brush past me...
The rain lashing fury on all greenery!

I hear music in the rustle of leaves
And swaying of trees
Nature's umpteenth symphony!

Then I think of you and wonder...
Are you an old friend gone asunder?
Cause of life's vicissitudes?
For when I talk to you,
I feel...
The joy of a friend
Known much longer!


Daylight breaks,
Unwilling creatures rise from the
Folds of slumber
Whiff of morning tea wafts in...
To tickle half-awake senses
A stretch here and a pull there,
The creature descends and
Blends into the common din...