Sunday, April 22, 2007

And the sand of time slipped out of her hands...

A young mind, a young heart - scared, apprehensive of the new world she was entering. It was 2nd October 2003 - the day which would change her life forever. Her mind was blank - torn between two worlds that of her heart and mind. Heart would say - Stay it is still not time and the mind would say - The time is here. In this tug - of - war the mind stopped imagining, thinking and she became a mere puppet in the hands of time. She was mastered like a puppet at the hands of time - the puppeteer. She would be with the choice of her life yet there was something which said - No this is not what you wanted.

The clock ticked on and she entered her new world. She obliged to the puppeteer and like a zombie danced to the tune of time. Seconds, minutes, hours, days and then years...the sand of time slipped out of her hands...and she like a dry autumn leaf was flown from one nook to another corner... and the sand of time slipped out of her hands...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



I was grappling with nothingness
I was struggling to find a face
I was searching for an identity
But everytime i failed

I was leading a life surreal
Yet was living with a void
There was revelry
There was sunshine
Yet I was living a life recluse.

Then a gentle zephyr brushed past me
I then felt one with eternity
Days grew brighter, the hues deeper
It was a new life that grew in me
And then I finally found ME.

... In you my friend, my inspiration!