Friday, July 30, 2010


I feel a little flutter in my heart
As your words
Jive before my eyes.
I wonder!
Can I still be the amber
Of somebody's eyes?
I rush to the mirror and see
A stranger looking back at me...
Lips pursed in a smile
A glimmer in the eyes
And a rosy hue
Face glowing as if in Sunshine new
And I wonder....
Is this still I?


Here again am seated alone by the window
Thinking what to compose?
I lean outside and feel
The breeze brush past me...
The rain lashing fury on all greenery!

I hear music in the rustle of leaves
And swaying of trees
Nature's umpteenth symphony!

Then I think of you and wonder...
Are you an old friend gone asunder?
Cause of life's vicissitudes?
For when I talk to you,
I feel...
The joy of a friend
Known much longer!


Daylight breaks,
Unwilling creatures rise from the
Folds of slumber
Whiff of morning tea wafts in...
To tickle half-awake senses
A stretch here and a pull there,
The creature descends and
Blends into the common din...